Friday, November 30, 2007

Upon request

So Kaisa asked me to provide the answers. After much research and sweat, i found this. THE BEST ANSWER OUT THERE! is a online web comic that is accessible through the previous link. i have no rights to publish this at all but i hope Tatsuya appreciates the free press and don't suit my pants off. Mainly cause i look crap without pants.


Kaisa said...

So people that have faith and go to church get pregnant; and that is the reason for the boom

or is this just an answer to why I don't have a pet dinosaur?

kris said...

my not really subtle answer to this is simply that i have no idea what the answer is...although i do secretly believe that people who are religious are more susceptible to getting pregnant earlier in life (due to various teaching on the idea that people should populate the earth with more children of that religion...AND because good girls and boys statistically don't use birth control when fooling around premaritally)

but yes, this could also be a very accurate reason why you didn't have a pet dino as a child.

Ben said...