Monday, December 17, 2007

and she's back!

'Back' might be a slightly over-reaching word, but i am about to embark on another post for my fabulous fans....and those people who randomly find my blog...(they were probably searching for something more religious or i'll probably disappoint both groups today)

Today we talk about the inherit need for feet. Yes, you might find that feet are one of the most unsung heroes of the human condition. Without their constant support and aid, we might never walk again!

(thank you Terry Pratchett for teaching me that humour)

People are wierd about their feet (yes i spelt it wrong on purpose). Some people are fascinated in that sexual way when it comes to feet. Some people pay to have women walk on them in high heels...(thank you internet for your constant information). Other people can not stand to touch other people's feet or have their own even poked. I met a lady who could not stand to have her feet touch. She screams and runs about if you even suggest you might take a feather or a finger to her body below the ankle.

I am one of those people who would die happy in nearly any situation, if i got a foot massage at the same time. ["what's this? the rack? sure i'll gladly be mutilated to death as long as you spend the next 10 minutes massaging my feet with garlic oil while you slowly stretch me til i pop"]

where am i going with this?

i have no idea.

oh wait...yes i do! Don't forget to vote wisely in your next election! Thankyou and goodnight

(see i warned you about that 'back' thing)


Ben said...

What do feet and voting have to do with each other? Unless you are trying to say "vote with your feet, not your head", ie vote for the person who is least likely to make you run for the hills if they get into power.

julia said...

maybe feet and voting refer to getting off your but and using your feet to go to the voting poll?
May be Kris just had to find a way to pull polictics into her speech.\

really enjoyed this posting. 1st time reader andresponder. wooohooo