Thursday, December 27, 2007

ethical questions

If you know that someone is in danger of themselves, do you have a ethical responsibility to get them the care they need??

If you know that their family will be angry if you do?


watson_vagabond said...

hmmm...good question.

1) your obligation is to the person, not to the family.
2) does the person want help? have they asked for help?

--if you help, but it is unwanted and the family is against it, no one will support you and the person probably won't be helped in the long-run without the desire or support from other people.

--if the person does want help and you are willing to be there for the person, the person has the desire and the support to make the change.

--otherwise...i'm not sure what you can do. except pray. alot.

Brandon said...

Hmmm, I'm struggling with the same question... Tough situation - let me know when you find answers.