Monday, December 24, 2007


I do not get emotional about family and christmas and all the crap. ...or at least i didn't used to.

For reason i am still trying to figure out, i agreed to spend Christmas in one of the hottest places on earth (just slightly south of the Equator). While the views are amazing, the animals are awe inspiring, the heat is DEFINATELY intense!

There is something about this heat that causes me to remember back to my mother's Christmas traditions. She always liked to have a christmas tree up. THe house was fabulously decorated and christmas presents were wrapped perfectly every time. We would gather in the living room to mock her as she sang christmas tunes slightly out of time to her cds. This year i intensely miss that.

There is no snow on the ground and none is threatening to fall. There is a palm tree in place of a pine tree and the christmas paper is been placed over gifts that have already been given to me...its all a formality. This works here. I just feel homesick for a northern hemisphere christmas.

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