Saturday, December 29, 2007

Don’t ever use the word ’boring’ in your titles

I love reading blogs. I read as many as i come across.Well, that isn't exactly true. If the blog is written by someone I don't know they get judged on two criteria before I will hazard to read what they have to say. And knowing that you all are desperate to know what I judge them on, I will share with you my two criteria.

1. When is the last time they posted. If the last time they posted something was weeks or months ago, than if I like what is written I may be disappointed that I can't read more of it later. Because once I find a blog I like, I keep reading it (sometimes even daily) until I find something better or they stop posting. The later seems to happen more often than the former. Damn lazy bloggers!

2. The other thing i check is the title of their blog and then the entry posts. If the blog title is painful or disturbing, i'm likely to skip it (for example the title "hot pigs with toe rings" is disturbing yet catchy, so i'm likely to read it. "Hot toes with toe rings" is just disturbing and I'm likely to bypass" ). If it passes my subjective criteria, then i will go to the title of the post. Here is where i keep find problem.

Dear bloggers
please stop entitling your posts "boring days" or "my boring life". Why do you think i want to read something that you, as the writer, finds 'boring'????


This has been a riveting blog entry about my criteria for reading blogs. I have no idea what you will do with this information, except perhaps make sure you never entitle anything with 'boring'. Now that your life has been inexplicable enriched,
have a great weekend!

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