Thursday, January 08, 2009

In your face

Being raised in a Christian family, i was taught (not exactly by my parents) that Christian billboards were a great thing. They told people about God. As a i grew up, i noticed other billboards that displayed advertisements for various products. I found that i didn't always believe those advertisements and i began to wonder, why a stranger would believe a Christian billboard? What is more, why would a non believer find a Christian billboard non offensive? After all, the billboard i saw were very 'in your face'.

I still identify myself as Christian. I don't see a need to force my belief system on other people. Thus, i feel that most billboards are over the top. So it was a little smile that i saw the London buses declare a different kind of message. Christian (and possibly religious) groups all over the world will be getting their knickers in a bunch as they read the new signs on the London Buses.

"There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life"

Take a moment to enjoy the discomfort of being on the receiving end of a sign you don't fully agree with. Now remember that feeling next time you are tempted to push a "Jesus loves you, so be good" sign.


clarebear said...

I actually read an article with a local pastors perspective of it and he said it is excelent because it is getting people to think about God.

Admiral_d said...

The only billboards with 'adventist' messages on them, were always about the pope being the Anti-Christ. I have ever cringed at that and saught to have those removed from public view.

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