Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Stripping Gaza

I'm a pacifist to the core. I recognise that in some situations war is an option, but i don't believe it is ever a good option. Perhaps this is why i struggle with Israel's decision to invade Gaza. They're reaction i felt was way over blown. Then when they issued their statement about being sad for the civilians who were being killed and wounded due to their own attacks, i got mad.

If you have the ability to stop the hurt, you must do it! Attacking or invading a country that does not agree with you does not instill love and peace in their minds. Long lasting peace will take years of negotiations. It will require understanding. Dropping a bomb on your neighbour isn't going to making living next door any easier.

I think I'm most disappointed in Obama at this point. His silence on the conflict is deafening. Bush happily supports Israel's attacks, even in the face of UN opposition (but that isn't new). Obama, i thought we were getting someone who wasn't afraid to speak out against wrongs....and bombing UN schools is WRONG. aren't you going to say something?