Monday, February 16, 2009

danger zone

Tomorrow morning i will be getting up at an ungodly hour. I will brush the sleep out of my eyes and plop myself into the drivers seat of my car, drive to the airport and get on a plane. My flight will take me to Melbourne. From there, i rent a car and drive straight into the heat of the fires.

Why would i do this? because my contract job asks me to. I am presenting to a conference. I'm hoping to make such an impression that they walk away on fire (not literally) for the events i'm promoting.

Pray that i stay safe. Fire is no way to go.


jenne said...

do be careful!

kris said...

have no fear. i made it back safe and sound. Although there was a while when i noticed that my car was getting a good dusting of ash. I never saw any fire, but it sure was smokey!