Monday, February 23, 2009

Top 10 things i would rather be doing right now

10. Plucking my eyebrows. It isn't my favourite activity...but it would be more fun than what I'm currently supposed to be doing now.

9. Shooting up with needles between my toes. No it isn't because i harbour a secret love of needles or because of my not-so-secret foot fetish, but simply because the idea of torture is still better than what I'm supposed to be doing now.

8.Curling my hair on my legs with a large curling iron....and no my leg hair really isn't that long.

7. Singing songs from old musicals like "Oklahoma!" at the top of my lung in my office....actually i might do that. It will spice up my day.

6. Giving my dog a bath. Actually this one isn't that bad. I kind of enjoy this one. Plus my puppy smells so nice after a good bath...i should go home and bath her.

5. Weeding. this is a horrible chore. One of those horrible chores that should be inflicted on only really bad people....actually, chances are that it would end up my responsibility if we did it that REALLY good people should be allowed to weed. There i will never be allowed to weed.

4. Cleaning that gunk out of the earring holes. Yep. it really is that gross. And i would so rather be doing that.

3. Creating a website dedicated to absurd fetishes. Like people with plant fetishes. (not vegetable, PLANT)

2. Taking pictures of "cute" couples. You know the ones that are so sickeningly sweet it makes you want to vomit? I would rather be taking their pictures and tempting myself to regurgitate lunch.

1. And the thing i would MOST like to be doing instead of data entry: become a lady stud and Go HOME!

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