Thursday, April 02, 2009

The pet boarding home

My husband and i have accepted our first pet boarder, Ginji.

She has come to us pregnant and nearly ready to give birth. She will stay with us until her kittens are 10 weeks old or 1 kg in weight. Once this happens she will go back to the RSPCA where she and her kittens will find new homes.

She has settled into our home very well. She gets on well with Faith, although she isn't entirely sure she likes Bob yet. They enjoy liaisons with a window between them, but they suddenly have a bout of nerves when put into the same room.

The nerves are not helped by the fact that Bob recently had a fall and was forced to take medication so that he could walk and jump properly. He is in a fair amount of pain and doesn't really want to deal with Faith or Ginji. I don't blame him.

Ginji on the other hand is very social. She loves a good pat and gives small mews of commands when you fail to give her the attention she requires. For a young momma cat, she has an amazing temperment. Many mothers-to-be, become cranky in the time before birth. Not Ginji, she can't wait to love anyone and everyone who comes to say hello to her. I know she will make a great addition to any home.


Melody said...

Guess what? I put in my membership application to the RSPCA yesterday. I'm on my way to becoming a foster carer! :)

Dominque Ansell said...

Prehaps Bob's issue is that Ginji is not his pregnant missus... I had a guinea pig that was housed with my sisters pregnant guinea pig (we didn't know at the time we'd just bought them from the store). When the babies were born, Mathew-Paul (that was his name) ate the babies.

I am sure Bob won't eat the kittens, but he might not like that they aren't his.

jenne said...

any way you could fly one over to the states? we need a kitten for our new home (well, i do anyway. kyles not so sure :)

kris said...

Mel: YAY! i'm so excited for you. Be sure to bug them if they don't contact you within the first month.

Dominque: have no fear, bob will not be allowed anywhere near those babies!

Jenne: i'll send it via the post;)

Ida said...

Kris, what you're doing is absolutely wonderful! Thank you for taking care of a cat (cats) in need!