Wednesday, April 15, 2009

taggie goodness

So i've been tagged a few times, (del, melody) so i figure it is time...

So, without further ado...

> I like tofu. I even like raw tofu. As i prepare it, i'll often sample pieces. If for some reason i find the texture not satisfying, i've been known to throw the entire block away.

> When the converstation eventually turns to where i'm from, i pause and often consider blatantly lying in order to keep people from thinking that i'm "one of those americans". Probably because i secretly fear that i really am.

> My animals mean so much to me. I had no idea that i was such a big animal lover until after i got married. I know what that means... i just don't want to think about it too hard.

> I psycho-anaylse myself far more than is necessary to survive in a normal 'civilised' culture.

> My house contains masks and photos of family and friends on the walls. The masks represent more than the pictures can. and yet i think the people who have painted masks for me don't realise the importance of their contribution to my walls.

> The best parts of my life are filled with quiet, silent hugs, and sloppy kisses.

> I believe i live in a magical place but way too far away from my friends and family. (you need to move near me, it will be worth it)

As the rules of the meme go, I now pick seven bloggers to share seven things themselves:

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Della said...

Could always tell people you're from Canada.

Then they can think you're one of those Canadians, with your medicinal marijuana, healthcare system and "eh's."


Litigious Mind said...

Tell people you're from the Pacific Northwest, and then talk about how Seattle and Portland are really liberal, etc. Just leave out the part about Idaho being in the Pacific Northwest.

Of course, if Australians know about the locations and political affiliations of the US states, I am very impressed. I think I can name a total of 3 Australian... states? provences? Damn it.

Lee Clarke said...

I love tofu too and I have done the throwing out thing too. I would love any good marinades that you know of.