Saturday, April 25, 2009

touching on some big questions

A question i have longed struggled with is why do science followers* go so far in trying to show creationists the flaws in their belief? i mean, if you believe the earth was formed through evolution, what does it matter if some one else thinks it was an act of God that lasted 6 days?

Recently i watched the Bill Mathur documentary called, "Religulous". It was the first time i had the question answered in a way that made sense to me. Bill suggested that while faith had many positives, it also had some scary places it could go.

He cited that many religions around the world believed in an apocalyptic event that would end the world and bring about a new world. He said that when the Bible (specifically) was written, only God had the power to end the world. Today, we have the power to end the world. His concern is with people in charge of nuclear weapons who believe 'the end is near'. Will their beliefs become a self-fulfilling prophesy?

Coming at it from that angle, i can see why non-believers would fear those who believe (in whatever religion they follow).

And yet i wonder if believers are so certain that they would 'push the button' themselves instead of waiting for a god to do it. Certainly the religious nutjobs many shows parade before the cameras would gladly end the world...but what about the run-of -the-mill people? would they be willing to step into God's place (believing it to be God's will) and end the world?

*These are separate from scientists. They believe what science teaches, although they themselves are not scientists.


jenne said...

what a coincidence; i just watched religulous yesterday afternoon.

i thought bill maher had a lot of good points about organized religion (though his perspective, like many 'documentaries', was rather one-sided).

kris said...

I found the doco very interesting. I wasn't surprised by the one sidedness but i was disappointed that his conclusion was so bland. "religious people who believe ultimately get instructions from other people who are flawed. So instead of that, we should do away with relgion and listen to other flawed people". i rolled my eyes but enjoyed most of the rest of it.