Monday, May 05, 2008

More Fashion

If you've ever wondered about the fashion industry, i'm about to give you a profound insight.

^"I've always wanted to play Luke Skywalker! Now thanks to Australia's Fashion Week, I CAN! Where's my lightsaber?"

^If she were any happier about her catwalking abilities, her face would fall off.

^Fashion embraces all kinds of body types. Even those with three or more breasts!

^"Of course i would actually wear these glasses in public. See i'm already doing it on the catwalk!"

^Homage to all conservative Muslim women who want to take the next step in the fashion industry.

^ You can tell she really loves wearing 20 pounds of decorations on her head.

^The girl on the left is running the risk of having her bones poke holes through her skin. The girl on the right was kidnapped and forced into fashion modeling. (check out the brushed in weeks!)

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