Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Olympic dreams

The Olympic games this year are the centre of controversy for much of the world. Tibet is often used as the reason for much protest against China. There are many more abuses that are less public that China has carried out, but they will hold the games non-the-less.

Holding the Olympics is an honour to any country that hosts the games. The amount of publicity the country gets is enough to continue to generate a steady flow of interest long after the closing ceremony. The country reaps a revenue that helps bolster any economy. It also helps foster a sense of global awareness. The average person suddenly realises the rest of the world is out there, watching.

China has it tough. As an up and coming world power is it facing opposition from current order, western order. Western countries are quick to point out the atrocities that China's government has carried out and continues to carry out, but these same protesters remained silent when games were held in Australia, even though the Australian government practised continued abuse on their own aboriginal people. When the games were held in the USA, no one suggested that USA should loose their privilege because of their treatment of the poor or the increasing numbers of domestic slaves from Mexico found within their boarders.

China has a dark side. This is a perfect time to help raise awareness of its abuses, but it isn't a time tarnish the Olympics. This is an opportunity to help China assimilate into the world community. To help it do better by its people. The influence the world has is great, if applied appropriately. Let's not loose this chance to change the world for the better.


tOg said...

Finally someone that is not jumping in the wagon of international haters! Love your perspective on the issue.

kris said...

thanks. someone has to be the voice of dissent from the norm. i am willing to be:P