Monday, May 26, 2008

Not hell

The next few weeks are cracked up to be slightly better than hell. There will be no fire...but a fair amount of ice. There will be no man with pitchfork, only me with a whip. So to help me remember not to stress too much over life and all that it requires, i have put together a list...of things to help me unwind.

1) drink water. you can't be overly stressed when your drowning in liquid...maybe mix in a bit of sugar...supposedly it helps you be more positive...and possibly sing in a higher key.

2) wear clothes that make you feel pretty. I once saw a small child with a towel worn like a cape chasing seagulls and yelling "I'M PRETTIER THAN YOU! I'M PRETTIER THAN YOU!". She had awesome self esteem.

3) Pray. As long as you address your prayers to the right god your likely to relax. Be careful you don't send prayers to the wrong address or else you might find yourself in the actual version of hell.

This has been kristin's 3 tips for getting through a slightly better version of hell.


Anonymous said...

Also if you drink lots of water you have to pee every 15 minutes so you don't have time to be stressed.

Ben said...

I think the image of you with a whip is much scarier than some man with a pitchfork. Or should that be sexier?

kris said...

lee: good point. i'll add it to the list.

Ben: scarier...definitely scarier.