Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Carmen (part 5)

Carmen never said much of anything. She didn't believe in words. They were to corruptible. It was too easy to say something you didn't quite mean.

She did believe in film and theatre though.

The scripts could be fine tuned. They could be carefully sculpted until the meaning was perfectly clear. They were pure.

This is exactly why she chose to be a part of this. It had started when they had found out a big entertainment company planned to destroy their old films unless the public paid a grossly overpriced fee for them. Those who had originally been involved in making those films had long ago passed away. There was no one to speak for those films. Many of them were classics. They were works of art. The loss of them, Carmen felt, would be cultural murder.

That is when the four of them had come up with an idea to make copies of these films. They didn't mind if a rival distribution company sold them, but it was important to preserve them and make them accessible to the public. After all, what good is art if it is never seen?

They found a man who agreed to get the films to a company overseas that would pay for the films.

Jayde agreed to be the one to procure the films. She posed as a mistress to an entertainment executive. It took her 3 months to get access to the films. She got copies and then spent the better part of 2 weeks trying to get out.

Carmen tried not to think about what Jayde had been forced to do to gain Gerard's trust. It really was best not to think too hard on that. It would undoubtedly involve Clive.

The sound of the car broke into her thoughts. The highway's natural cracks were making the car vibrated at a lower frequency.

6pm does not come quickly in a car. So when the car came to a stop, the exhausted occupants slunk into Fredrick's safe house. Fredrick's safe house was also solar powered which meant that light bulbs were shunned for natural light. There was little natural night left. They didn't care. Carmen layed down on the couch while the others found their own space.

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