Thursday, June 12, 2008


It was a cold and windy night. The world felt unsettle. Not that Jayde could really tell, but it felt poetic and that always just felt right. Wasn’t there a song that suggested that if it felt good, it must be right? She couldn’t quite remember but she was confident in the thought.

At 3am she left. She carefully closed the door behind her. She didn’t wish to wake anyone. She fumbled in her pocket for the keys and found them. “There was a car around here, somewhere”. She felt her way to the sidewalk and then to the curb where her car was parked.

Unlocking the door she got in and started the engine. She wondered if people would wake up to the sound of her ignition. It didn’t really matter. It would be too late anyway.

As she pulled away from the house she looked back in her mirror. The porch light had just flicked on. She turned her eyes to the road and sped on. It was time to go.

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