Wednesday, June 18, 2008

escape (part 4)

"Do you know Clive?" asked the American. "Clive is going to deliver your goods to Mr. Gerard".

Jayde closed her purse. Fredrick clutched his bat. Jerry cracked his knuckles. Carmen sat quietly.

"This is not for Mr. Gerard" said Jayde.

"It belongs to Gerard's company and he is willing to pay for its return" the American grinned.

Fredrick growled. Jerry and Carmen stood up.

"We're leaving" said Jayde.

Clive reached into his pocket. Carmen grabbed his hand and broke his wrist. The game was suddenly turning violent.

"What are you doing?!" screamed the American. He was nearly frantic "That film belongs to the company! They'll hang you for this!"

Fredrick led the way out. Jayde and Jerry followed. Carmen made sure no one else was interested in following as well.

Jayde knew the American was right. In the last five years there had been two cases where people had wilfully stolen property from Gerard's company and posted it on the net. Both cases had ended in the victim's execution. Their families were then billed for the expense.

The four got back into the car. The sun had warmed the car to an unbearable state. With the windows down they drove off.

There was silence until Fredrick asked, "What do we do with the film now?"
asked Fredrick.

Jerry said, "I'm still hungry".

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