Monday, June 23, 2008

fun with tax papers

After spending 3 hours on my taxes (for my country of birth), i have realised something. My country of birth has dyslexic and confused people working in their highest levels of taxation.

It is the only explanation i can come to for the reasoning behind the way the forms are presented. They start out reasonable. "start at the top", but about a third of the way down they go into a strange vortex of obscurity. "Add line 41 and 34 minus line 62 on form 3311" Your frantic scrambling to find each line only ends in frustration as you realise you have not yet begun form 3311 and can not go further on your current form until you work part of the way through the other form. You begin form 3311 only to discover that on line 22, you will need to subtract your total income from your first form with any deductions from form 4231.

By this time you've probably lost the first form, but don't worry, its probably under that 6 foot stack of papers you may or may not need to fill out the next form.

Needless to say, i dislike tax time.

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Brandon said...

Maybe I'll tell you if you're reaaaaalllly good.


Btw, made it to England :) Nice to be eating proper fish 'n chips again!