Thursday, June 19, 2008

Jerry's idea

It was mid morning when Jerry awoke. He had managed to find enough to food the night before to quiet his empty stomach and had rested quite well. He had just awoken from a dream. In his dream he had seen a man walking along a busy road handing out books. It had given him a great idea, but he couldn't remember it now.

He stared at the wall until the idea began to reshape.

By the time the others awoke, he had a plan. He knew what to do with the films.

He explained his plan to the others and although they felt it was going to be hard to do, they agreed. There wasn't a lot of other plans happening.

It took a week to organise, but a week later, the films were being screened at an old cinema house. Those who were invited were encouraged to bring cameras and create copies of the films they watched. They could be distributed in the same way again elsewhere.

Carmen liked this plan. Some one would eventually put it on the net, but it wouldn't be them. Gerard would blame them for the leak. He might even catch them, but he couldn't lynch them for putting it online.

Carmen smiled as she watched an old black and white film. "Artwork was meant to be seen" she thought. "No use keeping it in a closet".

The silver screen actress blew a puff of smoke from her lips and swooned at a perfectly styled silver screen man. The man caught her in time and placed a passionate closed-mouth kiss on her lips. And the curtains closed on the film.

The end

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