Sunday, November 09, 2008

Dear 2008 Republicans

In direct homage to our new President elect, Barack Obama, i will refrain from saying "nah nah nah nah nah!" I know that many of you are scared about what Obama is going to do with the country over the next few years. I know that your scared about how taxes will change, about how you will be able to afford luxuries like groceries in the credit crisis. I know so many of you are not certain you can trust someone who speaks so eloquently, after all even the biblical devil apparently speaks eloquently.

I can not calm your fears.

For the rich republicans, your off-shore tax havens will probably be in danger. Your $500,000 a year tax frauds will likely come to an end. I suggest for you that you learn to enjoy simple pleasures in life, like board games with the family, ice cream at the beach, and yoga classes, instead of personalised lessons.

For religious republicans your morals will not be forced to change, although you may find yourself expectantly living a more christian lifestyle. Your taxes may be used to help pay for the widows' life saving surgeries. It may pay for medicine for orphans and housing for the homeless. But don't worry, your forced charitable acts will not count as your own free willed actions in heaven. God will understand that you really didn't want to do it, especially when it came to providing methadone to addicts.

I do not know for certain what the future holds. I know that election promises get broken, that important points disappear in face of money troubles. Yet i believe and hope that we really are moving towards a better tomorrow. If you don't believe me today, please judge for yourself tomorrow.

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