Monday, November 10, 2008

I've lost the script

Maybe Melody had a good point. Life never works out the way you imagine it will. I'm pretty sure i've lost the script to my life, so here are a few excerpts from my new variety show i call life.

Something i never expected to say but do: I live in Australia

Something i expected to say but don't: and i convinced my mum and siblings to move here too.

Something i want to say, but probably won't: Thank you so much! This Grammy means so much to me

Something i never planned to say but do: I don't need an excuse. I just don't want to.

Something i hoped i would say: Of course i can donate $3 million, it's hardly a drop in the bucket really.

Another hopeful saying: Yes, i can take over as director of your fabulously successful theatre group.

And while my script is never going to work out like i want it to, i'm still stubbornly clinging to a plot...although my ad libbing is in danger of annihilating it. But i refuse to give up on it. Perhaps that is where Maybe Melody has the better of me.

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