Wednesday, November 19, 2008

thought for the day

You would not be mistaken if you'd thought to yourself in the last few weeks that "kristin has been slack on the blogging". I'll admit, entries full of quotes is quite slack on my part. I would love to point to something and be able to identify it as the reason my writing genuis having been out of the office, but alas, it would involve over-sharing and then a box of tissues would be required, and it would just all end badly. So in the attempt to save the tissues, we'll skip the annoying over-sharing parts and go straight to the for the day.

Why can't i control -z my way out of real life problems?


becky said...

we should talk, lovely.

HUGE hugs and love from your comic relief section...

jenne said...

no, please do share. we'd like to be assured nothing too awful has happened to you. (and besides, i own stock in the tissue industry).