Thursday, April 05, 2007

i blame television

Actually, i don't. I don't know what to blame for the actions of two men when they stabbed a 17 year old boy 133 times and then decapitated him and used his head as a toy.

The story hit front page news today and i must admit to being completely stunned by this. I know some people have a sick sense of humour, as can be seen with the fact that the horror with crime genre have become increasingly popular- but to *actually* carry out something this violent and disgusting leaves me wondering how a person could ever actually commit these horrible acts.

Is it a lack of morals? I think i can safely say this goes far beyond the simple lack of morals. This goes into reveling in the kill. Do they know what they did? they must because they both admitted to knowing.

There seems to be no reason that can fit on this case and make it palatable. It is truly a horrific crime that leaves the listener physically ill.

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