Friday, April 27, 2007

more evidence

Remember yesterday when i commented that the world had gone mad? Today more evidence has emerged.

In the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe (sorry to lump them all together but my fingers were beginning to get sore) there is a strange phenomenon called a "Blond". A Blond is not distinguished by hair colour but rather by a state of mind. All the knowledge that is normally stored in the brain has been bleached out (hence blond) and replaced by an unknown substance hereby referred to as 'uh, i don't, like, get it".

These strange people (often females) will walk around with small dogs, small shirts, and legs and wonder aloud why tuna tastes like chicken. It was believed that this phenomenon was only observed in the western style countries, but apparently the problem has spread.

Japanese women (and maybe a few men) have been swindled out of $1600 when they believed they had bought poodles. They had in fact bought sheep. There has been cases of couples taking their 'poodle' to have its nails cut only to find it had no nails only hooves. It was then they became suspicious that they might have accidentally bought a sheep instead of a poodle.

Apparently a sheep is a substitute for style!

p.s. This has been proven to be untrue. A fabrication of the media. Who knew they made this kind of stuff up!! click here for more details.


Ben said...

Sorry to burst the bubble, but that story has been proved to be a fake.
I sort of believed it too, considering the highly urbanised lifestyle of the Japanese. Personally, I would take a sheep over a poodle any day. Vicious little creatures, and poodles are worse.

kris said...

thanks so much for the update Ben. I'm actually quite glad to know i'm wrong on this one. At least i can go back to my old steriotypes of blonds;P