Friday, April 20, 2007

top 10 things that bug me

10. Television shows that blatantly support the ideology of public fear

9. People who drive 20 K under the speed limit

8. Laundry that piles up

7. False or 'misleading' information

6. Singers who keep putting out trashy songs about nothing

5. general ethos' of death

4. lack of support from your 'supporters'

3The USA university shooting that has law makers favouring tougher action on immigrants rather than gun control.

2. Christian media

1. that i didn't update my blog for two days!

1 comment:

mist1 said...

Stuff in between my teeth bugs me. I am also bothered by the 8 a.m. phone call by my friend asking me to pick her daughter up from school this afternoon. Do I look like a day care center to you? No, I do not. I hope that kid likes martinis.