Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Shower Time...(say it like you'd say 'Hammer Time!')

No matter where you live, water is an important resources. We would all find ourselves in an uncomfortable death if we were to suddenly find its absence.

So it is with this in mind that i share some water saving tunes for your shower. These songs are all meant to get your day started with a song and keep your water usage to a minimum. The idea is that you play the song as you get into the shower, and get out when the song finishes. (by the way, these songs were stolen from here)

1. Friday On My Mind: The Easybeats (length 2:47, litres 25)
"This one speaks for itself."

2. Rain: Dragon (length 3:39, litres 33)
"We need more of it."

3. Cigarettes Will Kill You: Ben Lee (length 3:50, litres 35)
"The line 'I wish everyone was wrong' kind of sums up where the climate change debate is at."

4. Roll On: The Living End (length 3:08, litres 28)
"Loud and raucous with a social conscience."

5. To Her Door: Paul Kelly (length 3:18, litres 30)
"A classic from an artist who captures Australia better than most."

6. Success: The Winnie Coopers (length 3:19, litres 30)
"Fantastic home-grown hip-hop."

7. Everyday Formula: Regurgitator (length 2:11, litres 20)
"One of the finest Aussie bands of recent years, and clever songwriters."

8. Don't Panic: Coldplay (length 2:17, litres 21)
"We certainly do live in a beautiful world."

9. Desire: U2 (length 2:59, litres 27)
"Passionate rock from one of the world's great bands."

10. Straight Lines: Silverchair (length 4:18, litres 39)
"This one's just over four minutes, but you can use that time to start brushing your teeth."


Della said...

Mental images of Peter Garret in shower... frightening things... I blame you entirely.

"No Rain" by Blind Melon (if there's an irony angle needed...) also comes in under four minutes.

"Bloody Mother-F**kind A**ehole" by Martha Wainwright is only 3:18. But might be a lil' odd to sing in the shower.

Della said...

Sod, make that "Mother-F**king" - my keyboard skillz are on holidays with an extra day off!

jenne said...

reminds me of when i lived in the middle of nowhere with a cistern that had to be refilled by a water truck every two weeks - better believe i could shower in under 4 back then. do i get to pause the song if i turn off the water to soap up? :)