Tuesday, April 03, 2007


In the routine of my daily life, i probably come across these ominous three numbers many many times. I don't go looking for them or anything, but IP addresses and bar codes and telephone numbers are all likely to contain these numbers at some point. I don't actually notice if their put together anymore...unless someone points them out.

Its probably a sign I'm doomed.

But the Russian village of Bogolyubovo(which means "God-loving") are noticing. They have taken a strong stand against 'satanic' symbols. (of which the 666 is one of them) According to news.com.au, these residents are refusing to get new passports because they are convinced the bar codes on them contain these symbols. some residents have gone so far as to stop collecting their pension for the same reason.

well, good on you Bogolyubovo. "Actions speak loader than press releases", i always say. and I'm sure God is watching and taking notes.

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Della said...

Just say "nyet" to 666?

Hmm... Makes me wonder a little about how they feel about being 66 and a half years old, though.