Monday, September 15, 2008

the music and me

i love listening to good music. I enjoy hearing my favourite songs. and this brings me to the commercialisation of music.

I'm not saying that music isn't commercial in it's own right, but Idol really pushes music into the blatantly-painful category. Using desperate wanna-be's they sing songs (slightly out of time or off key) dragging you to hold out for someone who might stand out above the crowd. As they hype the next person, they pull the audience through a slew of commercials for various products.

"This will make you famous."

"this will make you rich"

"this will make you beautiful"

Last night i could take it no more. I turned off the television and turned on True Blood. (OOO! Vampire show!) A new show that appears, from its first episode, to be a thinly veiled show about modern racism. I liked it much better than Idol...although the sex scenes in Idol are slightly less graphic. So take the pay off as you will. Grotesque consumerism, or grotesque sex. (Why is this so often the choice?) Will someone please make me a show that i won't feel awkward watching with a group of friends?

ooo! EUREKA!


Della said...

I dunno, could be worse - it could be grotesque consumeristic sex. And who knows where the Coke product placement would end up then.

Anonymous said...

Della: That is just not right, but I wouldn't put it past them for the future.

Kris: I also really enjoy Eureka, haven't seen True Blood, I will have to check it out. Either way they both have to be better than Australian Idol.

kris said...

della: it would probably land on the floor...with the rest of the clothing...unless they went with using the bottle instead of the can....


Lee: definitely check it out...although don't watch it with your mum...awkward!

Anonymous said...

Will not be watching it with my mum and not just because we live in different states.

Watching Love Actually with my parents was bad enough, that movie has way more bad language, nudity and sex in it then I thought.

Also having to explain what "CJ found out how woody got his nickname" to my mum was also very awkward. I have learnt my lesson.

Della said...

Kris - disturbing...

I hate it when you recommend a movie to someone rather conservative, forgetting all the rather dodgy moments in it. Or you're actually watching it with them. That usually leads to people doing that loud talking about nothing thing until the dodgy bit comes to an end (ie: "SO, WOULD ANYONE LIKE SOME POPCORN? I KNOW A MOVIE'S NOT COMPLETE WITHOUT... Oh, never mind.").

Anonymous said...

Wow, you weren't kidding about the sex. I also think you were right about the racism, I can tell that and I am only half way through. But its the same thing with X-men, especcially with the cartoon series. Anyway I think I like the show, although no vampire show will ever live up to Buffy.