Thursday, September 25, 2008

us politics

Today i read in Sydney Morning Herald that McCain has chosen to forgo the debate on Friday in order to return to Washington to help pass legislation "that will stabilise our financial markets, protect taxpayers and homeowners and earn the confidence of the American people"

While i do agree he needs to spend some time doing whatever he can to help out the American people,I feel he's not picked his timing well. I would greatly like to hear a debate between Obama and McCain about the economy, the war, education, and many other things...but when is this going to happen??

Legislation can be passed without Obama or McCain. In all likely hood it would be anyway. I think they owe it to the people to start debating publicly about how they are going to lead. We deserve a leader who is willing to talk to his people about the direction he is going. We've already had an establishment of "follow me cause i said so". I'm looking for someone who is going to tell me where we are going before he drags me down an unfortunate path.

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