Wednesday, September 03, 2008

out of my mind

I think i'm suffering from writers block. Although the very act of writing this almost proves that i am wrong. Perhaps my block is merely a creative block? It keeps me from tapping into the energies that produce content to which you desire to read. That is surely the issue.

As i skim my brain for something to say, all i hear is a strange buzzing sound. I think it might be static. Like when you turn the channel on the television to a station that isn't broadcasting. But at least i've avoided getting the blue screen of death when i attempt to start the creative juice flowing.

i keep reading in the news about the teen daughter of the republican senator who is pregnant. Kudos for the parents for not forcing their daughter into hiding...and possibly a nunnery. Shame for pulling the daughter, boyfriend, and unborn grandchild into the political circus that is the US elections.

I heard that Switzerland is tightening up their laws for animal cruelty. Apparently you now must treat your animals like humans would want to be treated. I suppose that cuts down on the horrible things people do to animals. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to take into account that there are some things people would never do but animals love to. Pigs, for example really like mud baths...but soon, they will also (by law) enjoy regular showers. I'm not sure what "regular" means...daily? or maybe just once a year...does the pig get to request how regular they are?

well, there goes all my interesting notes for the day. stay tuned for something else completely random.


jenne said...

kudos indeed. "look at me and my pro-life daughter sacrificing and upholding the good old-fashioned values of conservatives everywhere no matter what the cost (single, dramatic tear)."

i grudgingly give them kudos for not forcing the poor child into a nunnery, although their motives are suspect. what would happen if the poor child had gotten an abortion and the media had got ahold of THAT.

wonder whose idea it was to get married?

and why the hell is this even begin discussed in connection with the election?

kris said...

well, to prove that she is family orientated. of course! doesn't this endear her to you? knowing that she will keep your family's interest close to her heart...ensuring all teenage girls who give birth get married to the fathers. She's building solid family structure here.

Kaisa said...

I'm quite parshal to the mud bath personally... sposed to be great for the skin... If your gonna get dirty it might as well have some good properties in it