Thursday, September 04, 2008

what's wrong with his picture?

John McCain is shaking the hand of Levi Johnston. (Levi Johnston is the boyfriend of McCain's running mate's daughter) But this picture just seems a bit funny. Sort of like McCain is saying "Way to go on impregnating the girl! You must be a strong lad. I'm very impressed with you."

Meanwhile the girlfriend looks on. She's thinking "God! i have to hold this smile so the press don't realise how annoying it is that McCain is feeling up my boyfriend, just like he does with my mum!"

And poor Levi is just a deer in the headlights.


Della said...

Whereas really I think it looks as if John McCain's in a wind tunnel and is grasping onto the strapping young lad to make sure he doesn't go flying off into the distance...

"I'll never let go!"
"God, I wish you would, you creepy old man."

Becky said...

Actually, she looks sincerely proud of herself for having introduced her boyfriend to a presidential hopeful. McCain looks like he just got hit with the Thai he ate for lunch, and the boyfriend...well, he just wishes he could be playing video games with his buds.