Monday, September 29, 2008

To the bunyas

Avondale College is mourning the loss of two old great trees today. At 8:30am the first Bunya Pine tree, closest to Bethal Hall was felled. About ten minutes later, the sister tree, standing guard over the other side of the footpath also fell to the ground. These two giants have stood guard over the college for nearly 100 years, but today, due to white ants and fear for the student's safety, they came crashing down.

While the day was a sombre one for many of the staff who have come to recognise the tree with Avondale, many have taken comfort in the fact that these two trees have had their offspring replanted in more appropriate locations.

One of the lecturers put it this way, " I hope the Songs of Bunya survive and flourish: by the time they have attained their full majesty we all will have passed through the escape hatch"

The smell of freshly cut timber is expected to hang in the air for the rest of the day. It will remind us of the joy that the trees brought to us and we will be thankful for the moments of quiet reflection they inspired in us.


Della said...

Well... It's good they cut down the healthy tree too. Just in case, y'know.

Love the smell of freshly-cut wood, though.

Kaisa said...

WAHHHH *sob *sob I liked those trees

Clinton said...

Sonja here - Clinton is saying we should capture the people who poisoned them and do something similar to them...