Monday, September 22, 2008


For years warriors have painted their faces before they headed into battle. The paint was often meant to scare the enemy. Some times it was meant to bless the wearer and give them strength, courage, or whatever as they faced their foe.

In modern times this tradition has continued. Women are the warriors of the 21 century. Each morning (if we have time) we paint our faces to lure the outside world into thinking they have nothing to fear from us because we are "pretty". Only we know the truth. Our striking painted features are our call to war, our call for strength from the feminine god, our right of passage into the brave new world.

The paint gives us the ability to enter the work place warfare. It gives us the power to play on 'their' field. Our darken eyes hide our cunning. Our red and pink lips coat our potency in our smile. We are the warriors the world should fear.

As each daughter asks her mother why she wears make up, the answer rings down the ages, "because we are too powerful to be seen without it".

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