Monday, October 20, 2008

a couple of things

My taste in shows in somewhat...unique. I pride myself in liking stuff that is genuinely well written. Sadly, the majority of my generation seems caught up the look of a production (which would explain the popularity of Lost and Prison Break). Both shows started out with some writing genius but succumbed to the regular tv politics and played for the money instead of the story. So here are a couple of gems i found that i thought would help direct others like me (there must be a few out there) who actually care what happens to the story.

1. The Guild
The story centres around a girl who is addicted to her online role playing game. In her attempt to deal with her real life, she asks her online Guild to meet in person. Halarity insues.

2. No Heroics
This is a BBC production. The discription of Heros meets Coupling is vaguely accurate for the show. The story is about some second rate heroes who meet at a pub for drinks. The characters are great, love it.


Kaisa said...

where do you find this stuff?

kris said...

my aimless trolling on the chris...My three sources for useless but fascinating trivia and entertainment.