Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Your daily dose of fear

When i was in high school a movie called, "Double Jeopardy" came out. It was where i learned that the USA has a law that says if you are tried for a crime, you can't be re-tried for the same crime. (in the movie, Ashley Judd uses this to track down her husband who has set her up for murdering...oh, never mind if want to know check it out on IMDB)

But what is interesting to me, is how this relates to Gitmo detainees. Now i realise that we aren't giving them any form of fair trial, but the lengths we seem to be willing to go to in order to ruin lives is amazing! The Pentagon has announced it is dropping charges against 5 detainees. However, they are keeping the right to reinstate the charges at any time in the future. Plus, there is apparently no talk of actually releasing these people (we might want to charge them again at some point in the future. We probably should keep 'em locked up just in case)

What if these laws for Gitmo detainees became mainstream? What if the USA decided it would get a better prosecution rate if it became flexible on the rights of its own citizens?

Now with the elections coming up all we can say is


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Litigious Mind said...

If I recall correctly, Double Jeopardy doesn't apply until either a jury has been empaneled or the first witness has been sworn in. I didn't read the article, though, to see if that is the case for the Gitmo detainees. Another fun DJ fact--state courts, federal courts, and Indian tribal courts are all seperate sovereigns that can try a person for the same crime another sovereign has already convicted him in. Soooo... Double Jeopardy has its limits. (And since Ashley Judd crossed state lines with the intent to kill her husband, I'm not so sure she couldn't be convicted of murder again, this time in federal court...)