Thursday, October 09, 2008

Moments that make me smile

If you have never had the pleasure of seeing Pirates of Penzance, you're sorely missing out. As i was remembering this great play and preparing to arrange for my next viewing ( 19 Oct -East Cessnock Bowling Club) i pulled together some of my favourite quotes from the production. Here they are:

Mabel: Oh Frederic, can you not in the calm excellence of your wisdom reconcile it with your conscience to say something that will ease my father's sorrow?
Frederic: What?
Mabel: Can't you cheer him up?

Fredric: You make it a point of never attacking a weaker party than yourselves, and when you attack a stronger one you invariably get thrashed!
[Pirates approach him with great indignation]
Pirate King: [Holding up finger] There's some truth in that.

and who can forget the Very Model of a Modern Major General song


Kaisa said...

If you like Pirates of penzance you might like the pirate movie...

kris said...

the pirate movie???

Della said...

Have you seen the tarted-up version of Pirates of Penzance as rendered by Opera Australia where they're trying to make it just a bit Pirates of the Carribean?

So wrong.

Anyway. It's a fantastic play/musical. As are the rest of Gilbert and Sullivan's work - The Mikado is faaaaaaantastic.

"That's what I'm saying! Orphan, orphan, orphan!"

Kaisa said...

The pirate movie, It's pirates of Penzance but different... has the guy from blue lagoon in it an some mcnichol person. has a naked 'cartoon' boy and girl wrapped in a pirate flag on the cover