Monday, October 27, 2008

Dressing a woman

Sarah Palin has faced criticising about her political experience, her attitudes, her ethics, and now her wardrobe. The republican party paid a staggering $150,000USD for Palin’s clothes and accessories. Now, to point out right at the beginning, i have no love of Mrs. Palin. I think she's manipulative and malicious. Yet, for a brief moment i have paused to think about this wardrobe news with some amount of reflection.

How much did the republican party spend on wardrobing McCain? How much did the democratic party spend on wardrobing Obama or Biden? I have no idea. But the media isn't focused on that.

It isn't unheard of to see Hollywood stars come dressed in million dollar outfits at the Oscars. They rent jewelry worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The women wear dresses that would cost a small fortune by cutting edge designers. If they don't, the immediately land themselves on the "worst dressed" list.

With the campaigns of both camps being run more like a celebrity outing, it is no wonder that the republicans felt they needed their starlet to dress it up. No matter how "hot" she is, she must look amazing for the celebrity gossip columnists, for the bloggers, for the people. This isn't about what she knows, but how she is dressed and how well she is liked.

We can thank our media outlets for ensuring that.

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Della said...

I'm no fan of Sarah Palin either, but that whole thing about the wardrobe cost irritated me.

I just thought, "Err, excuse me? How much has been spent on this entire campaign? Or even just to be part of the campaign?! Like, the millions spent just to get into the presidential race to even get nominated by your party? And then the millions more after that as you try to become president? Right."

There was something earlier in the whole presidential campaign process about John Edwards getting a $400 haircut, though. I'd be curious to see how much it's cost to dress the guys. Good quality suits aren't cheap - someone I know just bought a "low-end" designer suit for $2000.

But what women wear always gets so much attention paid to it by the media. Could rant about that, but ugh. It's so tiring.