Wednesday, October 08, 2008


A new reason not to eat our fruit and vegetables have been helpfully brought to our attention, thanks to local media. At (yes, i know its a crappy place for news, but it gives me something to blog about) reported there were concerns about melamine being used in pesticides and contaminating our fruit and vegetables that were imported from China.

Where these concerns were coming from was unclear (may i suggest those who distribute and profit from the massive amount of junk food sold?) but it was obviously a threat being taken very seriously by Food Standards Australia New Zealand(FSANZ).

Lydia Buchtmann from FSANZ said Australian investigators were looking into the reports.

"We are taking this seriously," she said. "At this stage, we can find no evidence that they're unsafe, but it's certainly something we're looking into,". She also said a person would have to eat large quantities of contaminated dairy or vegetable produce over some months to suffer ill effects.

It is obvious from this report that our very lives are in danger. we must stop eating all fruit and vegetables until the problem is cleared up. Bring on the potato chips and beer: the only safe stuff left to consume.

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Della said...

Who would have thought that fruit and vege could KILL US TO DEATH!?

I always knew those potatoes were up to something with their deliciousness. Darn them.