Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Gory, gory Hallelujah

Is it just me or does gory films seem to be on the way back?

I've never liked the gory, horror genre. (I dislike my own blood. I can hardly bare to watch someone else's leak all over the big screen)

The phenomenon of gory films was described by a friend as "bloody porn". In other words, films that feature a lot of blood and guts for the sheer pleasure of the audience. He listed off a few films that have come out in Australia that he felt had done this.

I recently noticed that some of the genre's of film i enjoy most have started to incorporate the 'gore' aspect into them as well. For instance the adult fantasy film "Pan's Labyrinth" featured gore in many of the 'real life' scenes.

Why are these gore scenes so popular? Does anyone have any ideas?


Della said...

Just a random thought, but in the 60s and 70s when horror flicks sort of moved into slasher/gore/horror flicks, it was seen as being a reaction/protest of some variety to the horrors of the Vietnam War (and other conflicts) in which the bloody loss of life was a daily occurance.

Perhaps the current global climate with wars, terrorist work, etc is providing a conducive environment for a similar reaction, albeit with more CGI and stronger content. Sort of a reaction to the horrors in the world, daily carnage that graces our tvs during the news, senseless deaths of civillians/innocents, etc.

kris said...

thats a very profound analysis! i hear from so many people that they feel helpless at the growing number of horrific losses (due to war, catastrophy, and inhumane crimes). i wonder if, as a society, we are dealing with the gore of reality in our entertainment in an attempt to come to terms with it. In some way make the horrors acceptable.

mist1 said...

I never liked gore until I watched it with Him. I am totally adorable when I jump in fear. At least, that's what He says.

Anonymous said...

It's "do gory films", dear, not "does gory films". It's called 4th-grade English grammar.

nate said...

i guess it is making a comeback. People are getting less sensitive to the very things that our parents tried so hard to hide from us. I have become really desensitised to death and gore because in my past I got really sick and I almost died and it was a really scary time. Right before i thought i was going to die I was passing through all these thoughts basically my life flashed before my eyes but I didnt see anything. Its like I was already dead in my head because nothing was happening. But let me tell everyone that death shouldnt be feared. It is more beautiful than anything else. It is a rite of passage towards transcending this material world that we all have come to know very well. The only way to transcend it is death. Death is Beautiful. To live a long prosperous life people have to understand death and be comfortable with it otherwise fear will consume your mind. Wow i just went on this random ass rant sorry..