Friday, May 25, 2007

Last day

On this, the last day of music week, i felt that there was several more artists i wanted to share with you. So i have decided to narrow my list of ten thousand to two.

The first is Thirsty Merc. They are a band from Melbourne (Australia). They have a hit and miss history, with many of their songs being aclaimed for lyrics or music, but rarely both at the same time. Their unique sound qualifies them for the honour of being featured. Unfortunately, the song i was hoping to share with you was not available in the visial relmn. Therefore, i've chosen an older song call "Emancipate Myself".

The second musical group i'd like to share is Powderfinger. Like Thirsty Merc, they are not a new group to the musical scene, but they also do not have international stardom. (thank goodness!) Their music video to the song Sunsets is still one of my favourites. It tells an anime story. If you'd like to have a look, you can click this link and see the video. ENjoy!


watson_vagabond said...

i really love the powderfinger song. :D yay, baby!

p.s. i was wondering if people weren't posting as much because they don't have as fast as an internet connection to watch movies as you (and now me too!!) have. i know that was my problem when school was in session.

watson_vagabond said...

"Thirsty Merc" was great, I want that video. Fun and I need to share it with people.

"Powderfinger"'s animation was well done, very cool and had a slightly "Mulan" artistic feel.

kris said...

your probably right, becky. So this week will be less movies and more other stuff:)

watson_vagabond said...

that's very cool. :) thanks for listening to my concern. *tear drop* wow, i've been feeling uber sentimental lately. i guess i'll blog about it. hmm. love you!