Monday, July 02, 2007

Alone or just crazed?

If you like conspiracy theories, Roswell has probably surfaced on your radar once or twice. In the wake of the new information being released this week, one can't help but smile quietly and wonder what is really going on.

If you're unfamiliar with Roswell New Mexico, lets give a brief history. In the 1940s there was a crash. A first,the US military claimed they'd captured a flying disk, but twenty four hours later, they changed the story to a recovery of a weather balloon. However, all pieces of the crash were confiscated from any witnesses and there were disappearances linked with the findings of the crash and "bodies".

Last year, the PR officer for the military in Roswell (at the time of this crash) Lieutenant Walter Haut, died. In his will he left a sworn affidavit saying that there had been aliens that crashed and he had seen the bodies and was part of a massive cover up. While during his life, he always seemed to play down his role at the time and never claimed to see bodies or know of any "alien crash", it seems he changed his tune at the end of his life. either that or someone else did it for him.

This is the type of evidence that gets conspiracy theorist going. There is an obvious mystery here. Some could consider this affidavit proof enough that something extra-terrestrial visited earth, others need a bit more proof. Me? i just wonder why the aliens can't seem to be bothered to take an interview with Barbra Walters or Larry King...i mean, even Paris Hilton managed to get an interview with them. it would definitely be a step towards full belief if we could get an in-depth interview going.

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