Thursday, July 12, 2007

Terror alert

Damn! i hate it when my life suddenly becomes threatened by forces that come out of the middle east.

It appears a new terrorist has joined forces with mother nature to strike fear into the heart of all things dead.

Thats right. Badgers are plotting activities that lead them to consuming human far they've only prayed on the dead, but its only a matter of time before their little tummies begin to crave live flesh...i've seen Dracula, i know how this works.

If you think i'm making this up...well think AGAIN!


Della said...

And from then on, you know it won't be too long before it's suicide badgers...

kris said...

As long as they don't want to become doctors:P

Clare said...

Giant 'corpse-eating' badgers... now i am terrified.
Must remember not to be a corpse near a giant badger.