Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A fairy tale

Once upon a time there was a girl who spent too much time surfing the Information Super Highway. She spent so much time in this strange place that she began to actually believe some of the high way signs. Signs that said:

Get a bigger Penis NOW!
Buy your drugs online!

She found these signs uninteresting mostly because her IQ was over she didn't have a penis. But what she did begin to believe was that the virtual world...was safe.

This belief led her to say things that she would never normally tell strangers. She told them her favourite colour, the names of all her family members. Then she began to tell them quite personal things such as her phone number, address, and bank account number.

At first nothing happened, but then as time went on and all the bad people got together to discuss stupid people on the Info Highway, her name came up! This led to a mass invasion of her privacy and soon, there were bugs in her bank account...and her family members names were reposted on other people's sites...AND MOCKED!!!

She was so distraught over not having complete control over her information, that she closed her website down, moved to a secret hide-away place, and started muttering to herself.

The moral of this story is: don't drink soft drinks and expect to come up with morals.



Della said...

You've been reading about the 29,000 sex offenders registered on MySpaz haven't you *lol* Wait, is that something to *lol* over? Probably not...

But with MySpaz apparently being the media's latest "This is Teh Evilz!" thing, I guess we should just wait 'til they move onto how bad Blogger is for your kids. Or Facebook. Or actually being alive.

And do you mean morals don't come included with soft-drink? So disappointed now :(

kris said...

actually i've been reading scary-fied fairy tale stories...and then got watching Robot Chicken...and it led to this...*shudder*

Della said...

Do you mean like the original fairytales before they were cleaned up for kids? Some of them - brr! They make Anne Rice's Beauty look tame...

kris said...

that is exactly what i mean.

Della said...


The original Sleeping Beauty is so the earliest piece of documentary evidence of rohyphnol.

Brandon said...

Robot Chicken is genius. Very strange and twisted, but thought provoking in many ways.

Interesting story.

kris said...

hey brandon, nice to have you back in the blogging sphere! and yes, Robot CHickens is amazingly clever. i think i might be developing an addiction:)