Thursday, July 05, 2007

i want to do this!


Melody said...

ahahahaha! they look like hamsters!

It's kind of like zorb, minus the downhill.

One question: how are the kids getting oxygen??

Jennifer said...

i wondered the same! so i found that an adult at rest uses about 1/4 cubic foot of air per minute. i estimated the volume of the sphere to be 65.5 cubic feet (assuming a diameter of 5.5 feet.) so... the kids could breathe in those bubbles for roughly 262 minutes, or a little over 4 hours. of course that doesn't take into consideration the fact that they may be using more air than someone at rest, or that the air in an enclosed space will reach a dangerous concentration of carbon dioxide before all the oxygen is used up. so - they're probably safe for about 2 hours.
and i'm a big nerd :)