Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Public Transport Tips

Apparently, some people don't understand unspoken codes of conduct when using public tranportation. So i've created a quick tips section to help those hapless blonds make it to their pimps via the bus rout.

1. Dress in whatever skany outfit you want, but where a sweater over the top so as not to distract the driver...cause he'll throw you off if you do.
2. Have as much jewlery as you desire. Bling it out baby....but keep it all in your purse until you reach your destination. But don't wear it because it might distract the driver...and he'll throw you off if you do.
3. Big hair is cool for certain occasions...but if you need to take the bus, plan on an extra 30 minutes and phoof up your hair in the public restroom WHEN YOU REACH YOUR DESTINATION. becuase if you distract the driver...he'll throw you off.

everybody clear?

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