Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Okay, this is a soap box i get on a lot and i know that most of you are probably sick of hearing me rag on and on about how people can be so callous, but when i found this in the news today i just snapped!

A woman, who had been stabbed in a convenience store, was walked around/over while shoppers continued to get their food. She later died of her injuries. Why didn't people stop to help her!? there was no apparent danger from helping her, there was nothing but a dying woman on the floor and apparently all the people could think to do was take a picture of her!

Now it may be that the news from the states gets more press coverage than other places, but in the last few weeks there has been multiple stories from the USA about people watching while someones life is on the line. There seems to be a growing trend right now in the states to stand back and watch the violence...even if you could stop it.

If that doesn't disturb you, you need to check yourself into a mental institution right away.


Clare said...

I was in Newtown recently (yea, i know, big mistake) and i was part of a crowd that discovered a woman passed out in the street. everyone suddenly had the phones out calling for help.
Someone helped her up and she just started yelling at eveyone in the street.
So i went back to the bus station and overheard a group of school girls watching the police arrive saying that it was all an overreaction because 'there has only been one *real* murder in the last year'
I couldnt believe them, and i couldnt get out of the area fast enough.

kris said...

eeps! wow! i can't believe that! police presence is not just for murders! wow...i think i am losing faith in teenagers.

Kaisa said...

I think you should make your soap box bigger more like a podium with tv crews and stuff; really it is not a good sign that we are obviously so un caring about people around us; we'll almost trample someone just to get the groceries.