Monday, April 14, 2008

Buffy- season 8

If you're not a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan...tune out now. What i am about to descend into is pure and slightly ashamed fan ranting.

At the end of season 7, the cast said fairwell and the creater of the the show went on to continue to story in comic book form. While i was slightly disappointed that the story would continue in such a format, i was willing continue my fan-ness and read on.

The lastest episode, however, was a bit too much for me. As a fan, i was hoping for a resolution to the big question "Angel or Spike"? The creator seemed to have side stepped the issue and given her a new lover....a woman.

Now I am not against the homosexual streak that runs through the show. In fact, i appreciate the difference in life style between Willow and Buffy. But now there is no difference! Not to mention, another strong female lead has been pigeon-holed as "lesbian" once again.

For a story that pushes the bounds of social normalities and encourages people to look for the unexpected, i felt that this story shift was a cop out! Not only does this suggest that a strong woman can not be with a man, it also suggests that the writers were too busy worrying about their fan base to delve into the question of who she ends up with?

I feel that it does men a disservice to portray Buffy as lesbian. I really do. Men are able to handle their women strong, but only if they are given the chance to do it. Lets explore that issue, not ignore it.


Lee Clarke said...

I didn't know they made a comic book form of it after, I should investigate.

About the lesbian thing maybe it will just be a phase. (Hopefully.)

The whole thing doesn't make sense however, there is no continuity.

But I agree it is very disapointing.

kris said...

i am hoping for a phase, because it would be such a shame not to have her end up with a vampire. the poetry is just too perfect!

Miss Clare said...

If you did what i did and jumped to angel to watch spike (yum spike...) they see her settled in a relationship with a man called The Imortal in Rome.

Mathieu said...

I didn't mind the new plot about Buffy sleeping with Satsu. I mean, it doesn't mean she's necessarily a lesbian. She's just experiencing new things. I think her heart belongs to Angel no matter what. Although I think it might be a commercial tactic.

I just posted something about the Buffy comics in my blog. Drop by if you get a chance.

kris said...

Clare: I too jumped to angel and saw she was dating The Immortal...but the comics said that it was actually a double they saw...not the real buffy. She was never dating him...but her double was. Andrew organised it. (i can't remember why)

Mathieu: Thanks for coming to the site. I look forward to your input in later posts.