Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Fast Food Rant

What is to follow is pretty much a fast food rant. It serves up a little bit of something similar to meat but without any real substance. Mainly this is due to my laziness...same reason i eat fast food actually.

1) Did you see the USA democrats confront the republicans on their sex abstinence program? Democrats want to include tips for safe sex not just abstinence in the sex education programs. Republicans are having a hard time of it though, but it's so important that these three-times-divorced republicans learn about safe sex or else they'll just keep getting caught in public toilets with their pants down for the wrong reasons!

2) Apparently skinny mummy needs a tummy tuck. I'm so glad they made a book for the kids of Hollywood parents. Now there is one less thing they will have to discuss with their psychologist when they grow up and get arrested for DUI's of their own.

3) Who knew that America's gun laws would benefit criminals in other countries?! This is what happens when you are so paranoid about people coming into your country that you search every car coming in for an apple, but wave though the cars going out, even when its a black van, heavily loaded with small arms and artillery...oh yeah, and the limp arm hanging out that back is probably just one of those Halloween props.

And that has been my fast food rant.

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