Wednesday, April 02, 2008

thought for the day

I've had an ongoing thought in my mind. It was sparked by another blogger. The question that this blogger posed was about the reason why God would need his followers to believe and have faith in him. What is the benefit and or value to God of having people believe without solid and concrete facts?

After much contemplation, i still do not have an answer that comes close in satisfying me. Do we somehow believe more strongly in something that is unknown? Does God need our faith to satisfy something in him/herself? I do not know.

It is the reason i have decided to open up the discussion to my readers. What do you think?

(reading the original post may be of benefit to you)

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ansell said...

It is an earthly concept I think to have a satisfiable need. If God "needed" our faith and didn't get it in some cases would it make him less God? I don't think so.

There are so many earthly concepts that people try to fit God into for the purpose of saying God isn't God because we tried to make him human and failed to keep him perfect as we desire from a God.

Humans can desire a good outcome, but learn to be resilient to bad outcomes. Maybe God is naturally resilient to bad outcomes but likes the idea of good outcomes nonetheless. If you don't believe that every bad thing has a bad effect on an observer you can make resilience work.